Who is Malcolm?

I can trace my family roots in Canada to before confederation. My grandmother was born in
Ponoka the year Alberta became a province.

I also have a strong cultural connection to the farm country around Willingdon that goes back generations. 

I have been a business owner and entrepreneur since I studied engineering at the U of A. The businesses are in construction, manufacturing, and oil field supply.

I currently sit on the board of directors of the Libertarian Party of Canada and the Freedom
Party of Alberta.

As an athlete I am proud to have represented Alberta and Canada at the world championships in four different sports. BMX, Ball Hockey, Speed Skating, and most often in Triathlon including the World Ironman championships in Hawaii.

I bring a proven drive and determination to meet any challenge.

As a father having raised two daughters, I want nothing more than to see that my kids, and
children of all Albertans have the same opportunities to prosper that my generation had.
My descendants worked hard to build Alberta into the freedom loving province that it is.