I ended up opting for the least of the evils. How many times have you said this to yourself as you left the polling station? We all have at one point or another.

That is what happens when the major parties try to be all things to all people. It becomes a game of who can promise the most while costing the least to whatever demographic they happen to be courting at the moment. Contradictions be damned. And in the end you can’t really blame them. They are doing what it takes to attract your vote.

A columnist pointed out recently that citizen attitudes have changed. There is a sense of entitlement. A sense that is at the root of many of society’s problems. It can manifest itself as the annoying person in the checkout line talking loudly on their cell phone. Or taking two parking places instead of one. This in its self is nothing new. There have always been boors among us. What has changed is what he called ‘defiant entitlement’. When the poor behaviour is pointed out instead of correcting it they carry on in defiance.

This attitude has moved into society as a whole. When someone gets mad at you because you don’t want tax money going to support what they believe is a just cause, that is defiant entitlement. When someone says they are willing to pay ‘the cost of a cup of coffee a day’ to make their dream project a reality, what they are really saying is they want everyone else to pay the cost. If you ask them why they don’t pay for it on their own or from voluntary support they get mad. This is defiant entitlement.

There is another way. First, we as citizens need to stop expecting government to be the solution to our problems. When we grant governments this power, we lose autonomy over own lives as individuals. We can vote for representatives that are not interested in power. That are not career politicians.  That believe each one of us are born free and that governments should infringe on that freedom as little as possible.

Just perhaps, there is an exciting new alternative. The Libertarian Party of Canada. You can actually vote for someone instead of settling for ‘the least of the evils’.Type your paragraph here.